Design and construction works of a new automated sewage pumping station at SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

UAB Ekobana designed and installed an automated sewage pumping station at Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant.

The scope of UAB Ekobana works included the following:

  1. Designing and planning works,
  2. Construction and automation of a HDPE sewage pumping station (special structure, 2.5 m in diameter and 8.5 m deep).

Currently, the pumping station is fully automated and has replaced the old pumping station, which was obsolete and required high energy resources.

It should be noted that Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant is an infrastructure, significant to the national security, and also a nuclear power facility, which is subject to special security measures. Therefore, this project involved only qualified construction and work managers, certified by the Construction Production Certification Centre as capable of working at structures that belong to nuclear power energy facilities.