quality policy

Ekobana UAB gives priority to advanced technologies and engineering solutions in terms of quality, ecology and safety, and has therefore developed and implemented a process of continuous improvement of the quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and information security management system, which ensures the continuous improvement of the organisation's operations and the quality of the services it provides, and minimises the negative impact on people and the environment.


  • To continuously improve the management system structure by improving existing procedures and introducing new procedures to make the system more efficient
  • To continuously identify key processes and measurable indicators of those processes to improve the performance of the management system
  • To ensure compliance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Lithuania
  • To continuously monitor and forecast the needs of customers and stakeholders
  • To continuously improve the technology of the services provided and expand their scope
  • To install and adopt the latest software to improve the efficiency and quality of the company's work
  • To manage and therefore continuously reduce the negative environmental impact of the company's activities
  • To introduce technical innovations and working methods that are advanced in terms of safety and ecology, to use natural resources sparingly and rationally and to prevent pollution
  • To systematically improve the qualifications of employees at all levels
  • To respond promptly to changing market needs and attract new specialists
  • To ensure safe and healthy working conditions for employees, prevent accidents, incidents and occupational diseases
  • To enable each employee, within the limits of his/her competence, to decide and take responsibility for his/her decisions
  • To ensure the security of information


  • To continuously improve the management system to ensure the efficient running of all processes in the organisation
  • To enable staff to work in a high quality, safe and productive manner, with social guarantees and a good atmosphere of mutual understanding
  • To enable employees to take quality rest, recuperate and take care of their health
  • To recognize the merits and creative initiative of staff and encourage them to strive for better results
  • To enable the realisation of ideas and proposals
  • To select staff responsibly and improve their skills
  • To reward performance
  • To ensure that employees and those working on behalf of the company comply with this policy in their work
  • To ensure that this policy is made available to stakeholders
  • To review the policy from time to time to ensure that it remains relevant