UAB Ekobana specializes in the management of various projects in the energy and nuclear energy sectors, in petrochemical and mining industries, and in the areas of housing and utilities.

Our extensive experience gained while working with manufacturers, design institutes, and construction/installation contractors allows us to ensure implementation of various projects on a turnkey basis. Our team of qualified and experienced specialists are able to manage any project from its initiation through to its completion or to join at any stage of its implementation.


  • Project management – carrying out the functions of a project manager by finding the best solution for project implementation
  • Implementation of turnkey projects – project development process from finding funding solutions to handing over the completed project to operation
  • End-to-end solutions for providing complete equipment and maintenance services for industrial facilities

products provided by UAB „EKOBANA“:

  • equipment for transformer substations with voltage up to 400 kV;
  • power transformers up to 400 kV;
  • cabling and wiring products, electrical-installation products;
  • uninterruptible power systems, dynamic UPS;
  • steam and gas turbines, ORC turibines;
  • power boilers, boiler equipment;
  • modular boiler-houses;
  • equipment for gas cleaning technologies, dedusting;
  • equipment for water preparation and water treatment technologies and electrolysers;
  •  pipeline shut-off and regulating valves;
  • pumps, mixers, fans, compressors, cooling machinery;
  • heat-exchange equipment;
  • devices for regulating the speed of pumps, fans and other devices;
  • processing installations and equipment for water circulation cycles;
  • equipment for transportations and storage of bulk products;
  • equipment and devices for industrial automation;
  • repair technologies;
  • specialised processing equipment for the petrochemical and mining industry, and the spare parts for them.

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