Established in 1992 in the narrow industrial sector, Ekobana UAB is now successfully operating in the industrial, energy, construction and other engineering sectors.

Over 30 years of operation, Ekobana UAB has become a reliable partner to leading companies in the energy, chemical and construction industries. The accumulated experience and professionalism allows the company to successfully implement extremely complex projects not only in Lithuania, but also abroad, and the challenges, interesting and complex needs of clients motivate and provide invaluable experience. 

MISSION - to maintain a strong position in the engineering and construction sectors, cultivate recognition in foreign markets and sustain our consistent performance.

VISION - to offer a comprehensive solution that best meets the client's expectations and to implement it in a timely, high-quality and cost-effective manner.


  • professionalism and corporate ethics - we have assembled a team of highly qualified employees who choose partners responsibly and listen to the client's wishes. We create a positive working atmosphere, encourage our employees to develop, grow and reach new heights in their career;
  • quality and efficiency - we create and apply innovative solutions that best meet the needs of the client in terms of quality, price and time. We closely monitor and continuously improve every stage of the project. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve performance;
  • social responsibility - we understand that we have a direct and indirect impact on the environment, society and people's quality of life, so we strive to be socially responsible and to respect people and natural resources in all business decisions. We are convinced that successful companies must take social responsibility and share with those in need, which is why we have been helping Kuršėnai and Valkininkai orphanages for many years, supporting initiatives of the elderly and people with disabilities, fostering animals ourselves and supporting animal care institutions.

We guarantee that the company's vision and mission are important, achievable and understandable values for every employee, which guide their daily work activities.