Installing a new 6 MW turbo generator

AB "Lifosa"

A lot of heat is generated while producing phosphorus fertilizers and burning sulphur. By implementing improved technological solutions in the sulphuric acid shop and installing a heat recovery system (HRS) it was possible to recover even more waste heat energy. It was therefore decided to put into operation a new 6 MW turbine generator. The tender for this project was awarded to UAB Ekobana, which, together with UAB Visaginas Energoremontas, installed the K-6,1-0,68 turbine and the TPS-6-2EUZ generator.

The waste heat that AB Lifosa is able to recover thanks to this reconstruction is enough to cover its electrical power needs; any surplus is transferred to the national grid and about 100 thousand MWh of thermal energy is provided annually for the heating of the town of Kėdainiai.

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