Project B5/1. Steam boiler station construction


When Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant was operational, the main source of steam for the power plant was the power plant evaporation facility, which worked during power unit operation. During any repairs on the power unit steam to the power plant was supplied by the standby boiler station.

After its final decommissioning, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant remained the consumer of steam that was needed for evaporation equipment of Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility. The standby boiler was the only steam source for the power plant; however, due to insufficient power and outdated equipment it could not ensure continuous supply of steam. This was the reason why construction of a steam boiler station was included into the INPP Final Decommissioning Plan.

Capacity of the new steam boiler station - 30 t steam/h (3 boilers, 15 t steam/h each). Gas is the main fuel of the boiler station; liquid fuel (diesel) is used as a backup fuel.

UAB Ekobana participated in the steam boiler construction project as a subcontractor and supplied units for the general contractor - Elektrim-Megadex S.A. (Poland).

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