Reconstruction of 330 kV installations at the 330/110/10 kV transformer substation in Kaunas


Stages of project implementation: The existing 330/110/10 kV, 125 MVA power autotransformer was disconnected from the primary and secondary circuits, dismantled and disposed of; a new 330/110/10 kV, 125 MVA power autotransformer was designed and a technical design for its connection to the primary, control, and signal circuits of existing 330/110/10 kV autotransformer No 1 of Kaunas was prepared and agreed with the client; the new 330/110/10 kV, 125 MVA autotransformer was produced, tested at the factory, delivered and assembled; a monitoring system for the autotransformer was installed and adjusted; control and power supply circuits of the autotransformer were connected and adjusted; pre-commissioning tests of the autotransformer were carried out in accordance with the requirements laid down in the internal regulatory documents of the manufacturer and the client; staff training was performed; technical documentation was prepared and submitted to the client; primary circuits of the autotransformer were connected; the autotransformer was connected to the network for a trial period; and, a taking-over and acceptance certificate was signed.

Newly delivered equipment: 330/110/10 kV, 125 MVA autotransformer, autotransformer monitoring system.

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