Reconstruction of the 110/10 kV Tauralaukis transformer substation


Stages of project implementation: the old 110/10 kV, 10 MVA power transformer was dismantled and moved to the client's facility; a 10 kV auxiliary transformer, a 10 kV compensation coil, and a 10 kV power cut-out switch along with their foundations were moved to a new location; 10 kV cables were dismantled; the oil pit for 110/10 kV power transformer was cleaned up and the oil drain line was repaired; the new 110/10 kV, 16 MVA power transformer was brought in, installed, and tested; the new 10 kV equipment (the auxiliary power transformers, compensation coil, and the power cut-out switch) was brought in and installed; the existing 10 kV power section with a power cut-out switch was dismantled; a new 10 kV power section with a circuit breaker were brought in and installed; new 10 kV power cables were installed; the old communication cabinets were dismantled; a new communication cabinet and a remote data collection and transmission cabinet were brought in and installed; all adjustments of relay protection and automation as well as remote data collection and transfer systems were performed; staff training was conducted; the substation was commissioned by the State Energy Inspectorate and a transfer/acceptance certificate signed. A detailed design for the reconstruction was prepared under a separate contract.

Newly delivered equipment: 110/10 kV, 16 MVA power transformer, 10 kV auxiliary transformer; 10 kV compensation coil, 10 kV power cut-out switch, 10 kV surge arresters, 10 kV section with a circuit breaker; automatic back-up switch controller; 10 kV cables; remote data collection and transfer cabinet and equipment; building control system cabinet and equipment.

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