Replacement of power transformers in 110/10 kV Virsuliskes substation

AB "Energijos skirstymo operatorius"

UAB Ekobana successfully completed replacement of power transformers in 110/10 kV Virsuliskes substation and once again proved its professionalism in the reconstruction of the power transformer substation.

 According to the contract, UAB Ekobana performed:

- prepared a technical-work project,

- dismantled old 25 MVA power transformers (2 pcs.),

- transported dismantled power transformers (2 pcs.) to AB ESO base and performed their preservation,

- dismantled old 10 kV cables,

- delivered new 110/10/10 kV 40 MVA power transformers (2 units) to the site, installed and tested them,

- repaired transformer oil collection pits,

- laid new 10 kV cables,

- adjustment and start-up of newly installed power transformers,

- measurements of noise emitted by newly installed power transformers.

 After successful and smooth completion of the works, the State Energy Regulatory Authority (VERT) acknowledged that the all units complies with legal acts and norms and can be operated as intended.

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