The development of water supply and wastewater networks in Senųjų Trakų k., Trakų raj

UAB „Trakų vandenys“

After winning the simplified open tender announced by UAB Trakų vandenys in 2019, UAB Ekobana with joint venture partners performed the development of water supply and wastewater networks in Senųjų Trakų k., Trakų raj.

UAB Ekobana delivered these high quality works on time:

  • Construction of new 5429.9 m water supply network and 9139.7 m sewage network (gravity flow and pressure)
  • Reconstruction of two pumping stations: old “dry type” pumping stations were demolished and replaced by new HDPE Ø 2500 mm, H 7.5 m with Q = 14 l / s pump (14 kW el. motor) and newly designed HDPE Ø 1500 mm pumping stations (Q pump up to 4.5 l / s). Altogether, 8 fully automated (with SCADA data transmission) pumping stations were constructed.
  • Improvement works.

The new infrastructure allows the residents of Senieji Trakai to get drinking water that meets hygiene standards, and a centralized wastewater collection system. The expansion of new wastewater collection networks reduces the negative impact on groundwater and open water bodies, ensures reliable protection of open water bodies and aquatic ecosystems, diversity of aquatic ecosystems and biological productivity.

It should be noted that Trakai district is a historically significant area of ​​Lithuania, rich in historical and archeological objects, therefore the construction works of water supply and sewage networks were supervised by archaeologists and lead by construction manager, certified for works in protected territories of cultural heritage.

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