The decommissioning project of the Maišiagala radioactive waste repository (RAS), in which UAB EKOBANA is taking part, approaches the finish line

2023 NOV 20

UAB Ekobana's functions of a contractor in the decommissioning project of the Maišiagala Radioactive Waste Storage Facility (RAS) conducted by VĮ Ignalina Atomic Power Plant (IAE) is nearing the finish line.

On 2023 November 17 “cold” tests of the radioactive waste management equipment and systems were completed at the site. These were “cold” because no radioactive waste was used during all operations. The tests showed that all the devices work safely and harmoniously with each other, and the general features and characteristics of the object's operation correspond to the planned design decisions.

UAB "Ekobana" together with subcontractors prepared the detailed design of the radioactive waste storage facility, performed the construction and installation of engineering networks, communications and temporary structures, provided equipment for the removal of radioactive waste.

It should be noted that one of the measures for ensuring the safe removal of radioactive waste, protecting people and the environment from the effects of ionizing radiation is the caisson built over the facility. In our case, a caisson is a special building for a special purpose, in which ventilation, radiation control, lighting, fire alarm and other safety-relevant systems are designed and installed. Thus, waste will be safely removed from the storage during the operation of the facility and without causing a threat to the environment. The structure and the systems installed in it are designed and installed in such a way that when removing waste from the storage, direct contact with the storage will be minimal, i.e. almost all work will be carried out by remotely operated mechanisms.