UAB „Ekobana“ team continues to improve its knowledge

2024 MAY 31

In the last days of spring, the team of UAB „Ekobana“ took part in Brown Paper™ process analysis and optimization training. Each member of the team deepened their knowledge, analyzing the systems and processes in the company and their personal activities.

After dividing into two teams, we analyzed the sales process following these steps:

  • actions;
  • objectives;
  • resources;
  • competences;
  • need for time;
  • relationship between effort and result;
  • strengths and weaknesses of the process.

During the training, we clearly saw that selling, which seems simple at first glance, is a very complex process consisting of many related parts that require team cooperation.

We concluded that it is very important to spend more time on planning, mistakes analysis and prevention, good communication, developing competence, supporting and expanding partnerships.

We identified the areas of activity to be improved and made a plan for making the activity more efficient. We can't wait to implement it!