UAB Ekobana is celebrating an anniversary

2022 JAN 26

The company has started its activity from supplying equipment for industrial enterprises while politically Lithuania had just restored Lithuanian Republic and was going through hard times. But this year UAB Ekobana is celebrating its 30th birthday.

The history of the company began in 1992 January 29, at that time the commercial-manufacturing company Ekobana was established and eventually it grew up into a stable and reliable organization with a strong position among engineering companies.

All these years of continuous work, consistent pursuit of goals, growth and stability led company to success. Various achievements and challenges which UAB Ekobana has overcome  have strengthened the company and brought it to the age of maturity, professionalism and inexhaustible energy.

From the supply of small equipment to industrial companies to international engineering and construction projects of various complexity - this is the way UAB Ekobana has come during its 30th anniversary. We are glad that our team includes employees who have been keeping pace with the Company since the beginning of its journey, as well as long-term customers and partners who give us their trust every day.