UAB Ekobana Team is Learning

2022 SEP 01

We are convinced that reaching high-quality results that meet our client expectations is so much easier with smooth cooperation within the project team. Smooth cooperation means fostering mutual relations and updating teamwork skills. 
For this reason, UAB Ekobana team spent the last days of the summer at the training, organised by Mercuri International consulting organisation, where we searched for ways of improving mutual cooperation and, at the same time, ensuring an even higher quality of the services we offer to our partners and clients.

We found ourselves creative and able to tackle any challenge with no stress, while the ties that connect us with our colleagues revolve around more than just performing the tasks we have at work. The training was not only a pleasant experience, but also armed us with practical tools, which will help to apply the knowledge received in our daily work. 
Here are some moments from the training.